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Drawing to Bedtime Stories

My girls are high in energy and at bedtime it is sometimes hard to get them to settle down to listen to a story, even though it is one of their favorite things to do. A year ago, while reading them a bedtime story they kept wiggling around and interrupting me with question after question. Most of the time I don’t mind this, but this particular night I was pretty exhausted. As a result I was getting frustrated. I happened to look over at the desk in their room and saw a drawing book I had bought them. An idea popped into my head. Why not have them draw a picture while I read to them. It could be kind of fun and it would give them something to do while they listened.

Draing to Bedtime SoriesSo, I asked them “would you like to try something new?”  “Yes, mommy, please let’s try something new. Can we please?” they responded (no kidding, my kids actually say this stuff). I had them collect their crayons and drawing books and lay on the floor at my feet.

A wonderful thing happened that night. Continue reading

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